The Boy From Beaumont

Heartbeat 2007

Produced by Cris Cuddy

Recording, mixing and additional production by
Michael Kerwin
Rusty McCarthy: engineer: vocal, fiddle and mandolin tracks on "City Billy"
Mastering and ProTools technical support by
Paul Carroll at Studio 11

Keith Glass: acoustic guitars, harmony vocals
Dennis Pendrith: acoustic bass
Cris Cuddy: acoustic guitar, vocals

Emory Lester: fiddle, mandolin and banjo
Bob Taillefer: pedal steel
Cam MacInnis: resonator
Denis Keldie: accordian
John P. Allen: fiddle and mandolin on "City Billy"

CD Design: Roly Platt
Front Cover Photo: Wayne Eardley
Rear Cover Artwork: Rob Loree

Special Thanks to Keith Glass, Dennis Pendrith, Mike Kerwin and Roly Platt.

Thanks also to Emory Lester, Cam MacInnis, John P. Allen, Bob Taillefer, Denis Keldie, Paul Carroll, Rusty McCarthy, Wayne Eardley, Rob Loree, Richard Gilliland, Tom McCreight, Jim Hurst, Heather Jack, Felina Patterson, Russel deCarle, Deb Lumsden, Norm Carter, Wendell Ferguson, Bruce Dowd, Joe Yanuziello, Steve Briggs, Charles Meanwell, George Meanwell, Hank Fisher, Lance Loree, Ken Ramsden, Catfish Willie, S.D. Cisco, Prairie Oyster, The Gorillas: Buzz Thompson, Bobby Watson, JP Hovercraft, and Jim Leslie, Redd Volkaert, Bart Willis, George Bradfute, Fats Kaplin, Kristi Rose, Dennis O'Toole, Brenda Leite, Robert Kidd, Alison Bested, Bob Bryden, Brad Emmons, Luke Wilson, Lynn MacDonald, The Steady Band, The Wolfgang Bros., Higher Ground, Joe Hall, Tony Quarrington and the Continental Drift, The Cement City Stompers, The Spinney Bros. and the Cris Cuddy Acoustic Unit (CCAU): Pierre "MonAmi" Bordeleau and Andrew Heathcote and their lovelies: Dominique and Adrienne.

Dedicated to Harley Allen, Levon Helm and Sandy Dougherty.

All songs Copyright Cris Cuddy Music (Socan) 2012. All Rights Reserved Worldwide

George Bradfute: acoustic and electric guitar, string and electric bass, keyboards, cello, violin
Fats Kaplin: violin, pedal steel, recorder, tenor guitar
Steve Ebe: drums
Sharon Anderson: harmony vocal
Cris Cuddy: acoustic guitar, vocals

Cover Art: Rusty McCarthy
CD Design: Roly Platt
Executive Producer: Cris Cuddy

Thanks to: Felina Patterson, Heather Jack, Brenda, Jayne & Penny at Sunleite, Russell DeCarle, Joe Yanuziello, Chris Bennett, George Bertok, Dennis O'Toole, webmistress Elizabeth Davies, website designer Steve Briggs, The Gorillas, Prairie Oyster, Be Bop Cowboys, Peter Cronin, Rick Clark, Sharon Anderson, Phill Lee, Richard Bennett, David Shawl, Larry Jon Wilson, Steve Conn, Eric Holt, Pete James & Mickey as always ( for binging Roy & Waylon to the party.

All rights reserved

1. The Boy From Beaumont (The Kid from Bakersfield)
2. Gone Again
3. Early Morning Pain
4. Mr. Moon
5. Someone To Love
6. Just For A While (McCreight/Cuddy)
7. Overnight Sensation

8. They Don't Make Them Like That Anymore

9. From Midnight 'Til Dawn
10. 40 More Years Of Drudgery

11. Better Days (McCreight/Cuddy)

12. City Billy, Billy Joe (Gilliland/Cuddy)
13. The High Cost of Lovin'
14. Running Away (McCreight/Cuddy)

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