Dear Elvis

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Dear Elvis album cover art

Executive Producer: Cris Cuddy
Mastered by Frank Watt, DDP by Andy Pryde
Cover Design: Roly Platt
Front Cover Image: Sherine Cisco
Back Cover Image: Rob Loree
Thanks to the musicians and artists and to the Webmistress Elizabeth Davies, CCAU and the Gorillas always.

Tracks 1, 2, 10, 12, 13, produced by Rusty McCarthy at the Vanishing Castle.

TK10: re-mixed by Frank Watt, Rusty McCarthy: guitar, bass, keyboards, harmony vocals, Mike Sloski: drums, Russell De Carle: bass harmony vocal "Here Comes Summer"

Tracks 3, 5: produced b y George Bradfute at Tone Chapparal Studio, East Nashville, George Bradfute: guitar, bass, Steve Ebe: drums, Cris Cuddy: harmonica

Track 4: recorded by George Axon/Axon Sound, Gene Taylor: piano, Andrew Hardin: guitar, Doug McClement: bass

Track 8: recorded by George Bertok at the Vanishing Castle, re-mix by Frank Watt, George Bertok: keyboards, bass, Rusty McCarthy: acoustic guitars, Bobby Watson: electric guitar solo, Clifford Maynes: electric guitar

Track 9: produced by Andrew Hardin at Comfort Sound, Peter Lee: engineer, Albert Lee: lead guitar, Gene Taylor: piano, Kevin Breit: acoustic guitar, with The Tom Russell Band: Andrew Hardin: guitar, harmony vocal, Fats Kaplin: steel guitar, Mike Warner: drums, Billy Troiani: Bass

Track 11: produced by Bruce Moffet at Grant Avenue, Engineer: Bob Doidge, mix by Gary Moffet, Kevin Breit: national steel, Gary Breit: keyboards, Bruce Moffet: drums, Keith Glass: electric guitar and harmony vocals, Russ Boswell: bass

Track 14: recorded by Mike Kerwin at the Vanishing Castle, Roly Platt: harmonica, Bobby Watson: electric guitar, Al Cross: drums, Kit Johnson: bass, Rusty McCarthy: slide guitar

Track 6, 15: produced by Steve Briggs, recorded by Ray Montford at Soundhole Studio, Al Cross: drums, Dennis Pendrith: bass, Steve Briggs: electric guitar

Cris Cuddy: vocals and acoustic guitar on all songs.

All rights reserved

1. Here Comes Summer
2. Flyin' Flyin' Flyin'
3. Take It Off
4. Tom Cat (feat. Gene Taylor)
5. Just Say No
6. All The Wild Things Come Out At Night
7. I'm A Cadillac
8. Magic Girl
9. Rock'n'roll History
(feat. Albert Lee & Gene Taylor)

1O. Starlene
11. Kissing The Night Away
12. She's In A Dangerous Mood
13. Tell Me
14. Friday Night (feat. Roly Platt)
15. Dear Elvis

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