The Best Kept Secret

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Tracls 1-12

Recorded by "Magic" Mike Kerwin who conjured up a last-minute studio for us

Mixing, Mastering & additional Production by Frank "Big Ears" Watt

Digital Assistance: Jp Hovercraft

Produced by Cris Cuddy for Vanishing Castle Recordings

Cover Design by Roly Platt

Cover Photo by Wayne Eardley

Photo of Cris by Stuart Blower

Daiquiri Photo by Steve Conn

Tracks 1, 2, 8, 10, 12, 13 written by Cris Cuddy

Tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11 written by Tom McCreight & Cris Cuddy

Keith Glass: Acoustic & Electric Guitars & Harmony Vocals
Dennis Pendrith: String Bass
Al Cross: Drums
Jim Hurst: Acoustic Guitar on 3, 4, 6, 11 & Harmony Vocals on Passing Through
Emory Lester: Mandolin & Fiddle on 3, 4 & 7
Don Rooke: Steel Guitar on 8, 10
Bob Taillefer: Pedal Steel Guitar on 1, 5, 11
Steve Conn: Accordion on Drive-Thru Daiquiri Bar
Roly Platt: Harmonica on The Luck of the Draw
Denis Keldie: Accordion on She Reminded Me of You
Frank Watt: Acoustic Guitar on Honey Tree & Harmony Vocals on She Reminded Me of You
Cris Cuddy: Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals

Musicians on There Goes My Mind Again:
Keith Glass: Bass, Electric Guitar & Harmony Vocals
Tobias: Drums
Denis Keldie: Hammond Organ
Don Rooke: Steel Guitar
Cris Cuddy: Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

In memory of Jesse Winchester & Amy Winehouse

All rights reserved

1. The Honey Tree
An easy ballad, sweet as love on a summer day.
2. Amy
A jazzy tribute to one of the greats who left us too soon.
3. The IBMA Blues
Jim and Emory lead this break-neck tale of musician's love lost.
4. Passing Through
A beautiful reflection on the transience of life with Jim's sweet harmony.
5. The Best Kept Secret
A love triangle to a Rockabilly groove reminiscent of the 50's.
6. Whisky Train
Many give their all & end up alone with a bottle for company.
7. (Got a) Brand New Heartache
TEmory gives this the air of a country classic.
8. Drive-Thru Daiquiri Bar
In Louisiana to hear Steve & Sonny rip it up, I discovered a local favourite.
9. Ask The Flask
A lucky kid learns life lessons from a wise old man.
1O. She Reminded Me Of You

A Mexicali tinge to this dreamy love song.
11. The Big Chill
The tale of a gunfighter who lives and dies by his own code.
12. The Luck Of The Draw
A spooky blues where Keith wails & Roly blows his top.
13. There Goes My Mind Again
A tale of loss & regret sparked by a casual phrase, thanks Mike Holder.

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