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:CCAU came about during the 10th and last year of the Open Acoustic Jam with Pierre after Cris was featured - as he had been with us from the early years on. Cris had then just released "Diamond Shine" and wanted to play songs from it. I learned 5 songs in 5 days and played them with Cris on that Sunday afternoon in November 2010.....I loved the songs!

The very next day, knowing that Andrew loved Cris' material and, like me, somehow received every new CD upon its release, I gave him "Diamond Shine" and asked him to listen to it and consider "doing something" with Cris and I. Did not take long before he said yes, of course!

The Cris Cuddy Acoustic Unit was born.

We were invited to WhiStle Radio's NITE OUT! with Mike and Tara and we tried the 3-guitar format. The result was good but not conclusive so we went with the 2-guitar + acoustic bass: still good but not conclusive.

One day, soon enough, Andrew surprised us with a Stand Up Bass and that was it: we found our sound!

Add vocal harmonies and enthusiastic renditions of Cris' great songs and you get what is captured on this CD.

The world needs to hear this - Long Live CCAU!"
- Pierre

Cris Cuddy: acoustic guitar, vocals
Andrew Heathcote: Stand Up Bass, harmony vocals
Pierre Bordeleau: acoustic guitar, harmony vocals

Tracks 1 -10
Recorded Live at St Paul's Presbyterian Church
in Leaskdale Ontario, Sunday June 3rd 2012
Live Sound Engineer - Colin Hughes
Live Recording Engineer - Paul Carroll
Live Recording Assistant - Zach Wojtola

Track 11
Recorded Live at The Spill Coffee Bar, Peterborough Ontario, Saturday June 2nd 2012
Live sound and recording engineer - Andy Pryde
Mixed by Andy Pryde

Final mixing and mastering by Paul Carroll and Andrew Heathcote at Private Records Inc. Newmarket ON
Assistant - Shelby Jotoff

Produced by Andrew Heathcote and Pierre Bordeleau

All songs by Cris Cuddy except * (McCreight/Cuddy) and ** (Aucoin/Cuddy) for Vanishing Castle Recordings.

Musical & Vocal Arrangements by Pierre Bordeleau & CCAU.

CD Concept & Design:
Cover photo: Stuart Blower
Inside cover photo: P-Dominique Plante
Rear cover photo: P-Dominique Plante
All songs are copyright.

Contact info:

Special Thanks from Cris:
To mes amis: Pierre & Dominique, Andrew & Adrianne, Tom McCreight, Heather Jack, Brenda Leite and Mike Kerwin.

Special Thanks from Andrew:
To my Adrianne, my love. My girls, Lesley, Lindsay & Kaylee; Allison & Charlie; Wes and Dan. Thanks to all the boys in WAB and Tom McCreight for the Stand Up Bass assistance. Thanks to my Mum for making me musical; thanks to Cris for writing all these great songs that I love and special thanks to Pierre and Dominique for being such great friends.

Special thanks from Pierre:
To my lovely Dominique: her love makes me who I am; Cris Cuddy - for the great songs; Andrew & Adrianne Heathcote; Rob Pare, David & Ivanka Bradley and Michael Bossi of Bradstock; all the players & friends of the Open Acoustic Jame with Pierre; my dear friends from PDG, Denis Boucher & Gilles Milette; Karibou; Daniel Vigneault; Yves Landry and everyone at Bands de Bunker.

Special thanks from CCAU:
Tom McCreight and Higher Ground, Judy Fink; Silverbirch Charity Concerts, WhiStle Radio, Coot entertainment,, St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Leakside Ontario and all the volunteers taking care of business in the lobby.

Sincere thanks to all the people who came out those 2 days for the shows and especially to Al Black at The Spill for starting the rhythm section. Many more thanks to Dennis O'Toole, Andy Pryde, Wendell Ferguson, Phil Connor, The Spill crowds, Stuart Blower, Paul Carroll, Mike Burns, Tara Donaghey, Ray Marshall, John Cranfield.

1. Checkout Girl
2. Tom Cat Blues
3. Sally's Waltz*
4. Good Bad News**
5. I'm A Cadillac
6. The Boy From Beaumont
7. Keep The Change
8. Just For A While*
9. Live For Today*
1O. Gone Again

11. Natalie Wood 1963

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